Today is the day!! Many of the 2022 Holiday Products are AVAILABLE while supplies last. Start checking off your Christmas list with the best doTERRA gifts 🎁🎅🎄

2022 Gift Giving Guide
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Who doesn’t love cooking with their dōTERRA essential oils?

The 2022 Cuisine collection makes it that much easier (and flavorful!)

Included are three past favorite cooking blends:
🌿 Italian (a blend of Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Marjoram, and Oregano)
🌶️ Mexican (a blend of Lime, Cumin, Black Pepper, Cilantro, and Marjoram)
🍊 Tropical (Wild Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Yuzu, and Ylang Ylang) Plus, one brand new Thai Cooking Blend made with Coriander, Galanga, Cumin, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Kaffir Lime, Ginger, Basil, and Pink Pepper! Yum! 😋

A perfect gift for the chef in your life (or double up and gift yourself). Want to double up one just a single blend, each of these blends are available for individual purchase! Let your taste buds lead the way!

How adorable is this Train diffuser?!
It puffs the mist right out of the smokestack. I’m in love. AND a 5 mL bottle of Stronger to boot? Are we dreaming?! 😆

This cute diffuser features two ambient light options (and can operate solely as a nightlight), an authentic train whistle sound when it puffs, and will run 3 or 6 hours continuously or 12 hours intermittently.

Wind down or wake up with this routine and you will be sure to have a relaxing experience! Now only if it would run on a track. 🤔

To celebrate the special Co-Impact Sourcing® work done with KMR, doTERRA created a new essential oil blend called Malama this past year.

Mālama (The Nurturing Blend) is a new blend of Wild Orange, Cedarwood, Amyris, Coriander, Lemongrass, minty Bucchu, and spicy Sichuan Pepper. Plus, Malama contains sweet Magnolia, floral Cananga, and resonant ‘Iliahi (Sandalwood) and Naio Wood. All of these oils play together to create a vibrant and warm aroma.

This blend smells so amazing, and impacts so much that doTERRA made an entire collection for the holiday season.

The Mālama Collection includes Essential Oil Blend, Moisturizing Bath Bar, and Restorative Hand Cream.

 The Mālama Collection can be purchased as the whole collection or as individual items.

November is here and so are the new holiday products! What holiday item are you hoping to get your hands on?

Starting today you can start your holiday shopping for:
Holiday Joy®, 15 mL
Holiday Peace®, 15 mL
Blue Lotus, 10 mL
Midnight Forest, 15 mL
Mexican Cuisine Blend, 15 mL
Italian Cuisine Blend 15 mL
Tropical Cuisine Blend, 15 mL
Thai Cuisine Blend, 15 mL
Cuisine Collection
Hygge™ Room Spray
Holiday Peace® Room Spray
Essential Oil Storage Case
dōTERRA Train Diffuser with Stronger® Oil
Dark Chocolate Mini Bars
Sol Nº 3® Essential Oil Personal Aroma
dōTERRA Hope® Touch

If you have been waiting for MetaPWR items to be purchased individually, today is the day!

Let’s dive head first into this months special promotions! November’s Product of the Month is Clove. Clove is high in antioxidants that will benefit you when taken internally. (Clove is a HOT oil, so dilute with IQ Mega in a gel cap when taking internally or with FCO when applying topically.) Clove benefits your oral health (add a drop to an ounce of water, swish and spit). Just place your 125 PV LRP order by the 15th and get this incredible oil for FREE.

All month long you can grab Stronger Touch for 10% off. Roll on the skin for a healthy glow and appearance. Roll in the hands and inhale for promoting feelings of strength and resilience. Apply to occasional blemishes and boo-boos for a soothing effect. Roll along the feet and spine of your little to support their immune system.

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Have you heard the buzz on biohacking your body?

Biohacking your body means changing your chemistry and your physiology through science and self-experimentation to increase your energy and vitality.👉 In layman’s terms “do-it-yourself” biology.

There’s a ton of stuff out there. From movement to mindset, from what you eat to how you eat it. 🤯

I think it is important to break down biohacking your body so you can become the best version of you. Live longer, have more energy, and be happier.

Before we dive in, a couple of biohacking safety tips:

➕ Listen to your body. Seriously, this is a huge one. Biohacking isn’t about incorporating several things at once. It’s about small, consistent practices that change your body in the long run. So, if something feels off, don’t push it.

➕ Always talk with a physician who is on board with natural holistic health practices and can support (and observe) you on your journey. 

Have you heard of Collagen Peptides? Maybe you’ve already tried some. Collagen is being hailed as the best way to biohack your skin, hair, nails, and your joints. #hellosignmeup

It may also support muscle mass, add more protein to your diet, and promote a healthy heart. There are a few ways you can incorporate more collagen into your diet:
✅ Take a Collagen Peptide Supplement
✅ Drink Bone Broth
✅ Eat Collagen Gummies

Have you tried our new MetaPWR advantage yet? Or are you waiting to get your hands on it still? 👇

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Another important part of your daily life should be getting enough fiber! 
No, I’m not going to get all preachy like the old fiber commercials from the 80s.

Ok…maybe a little bit.
The standard American diet is devoid of fiber–it's no wonder why it's also known as SAD. 🤣 The amount of processed foods we eat has lead to low bacterial diversity in our gut flora. Fiber feeds our gut flora.

If you are eating more processed foods than whole foods (like veggies and fruit at each meal), chances are you need some extra fiber. We only need 25 grams of fiber a day. Focus on eating dark leafy greens, fruits, complex carbs, and healthy fats. If you need a little extra support, try our doTERRA Fiber (which has both soluble and insoluble fiber).
Be honest, are you getting all the fiber you need? If not, I can share more easy fiber packed recipes with you. Just send me a message! 

P.S. Disclaimer for this series - Any serious medical condition should always be taken up with a qualified medical professional. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.