We are all living in unchartered territory these days. Business has changed completely in 2020. Work is now conducted from home or other private office space and much of it is completely mobile via social media platforms, websites and the infamous zoom calls. I use them daily. Here’s why Network Marketing is here to stay.

1) It’s Now a Full-time Earning Career. Network marketing used to be a side hustle for stay-at-home moms, but the tide has turned. Roughly 20.5 million people in the U.S. worked in direct sales in 2016. In 2019, it was up to 43.7 million. That’s quite the increase. Income is there to earn. Direct Selling companies have generated nearly 1.5 trillion dollars in sales since 2009 and paid over $600 billion in commissions to distributors. It took me less than 3 years to replace my full-time corporate salary that I spent 10 years growing.

2) It’s Gone Global. More than half of the world population uses social media today, which equates to 3.96 billion people. That’s a lot of connections just in social media alone. Another important fact is that more than 50% of consumers are now willing to purchase from direct selling representative within the next year. In 2017 alone, our company had over 3 million wellness advocates in over 100 countries. So make sure the company you select has grown globally!

3) It’s all about Trust. Did you know that In fact, 83% of people trust recommendations from their peers? If you trust a product and they trust you, it’s easy to share with your network. The quality of the product is key though. You need a consumable product that is effective.

I found throughout 2020 how blessed I really was to be an entrepreneur in the network marketing industry, but especially for health and wellness. During a pandemic, everyone on the planet is talking about health and I could offer solutions. My schedule was created by me and my income stream continued even as I stepped in to be helping my children with school (for three months). While I heard horror stories of other businesses struggling and closing, a need for health was unwavering and I’m forever grateful to doTERRA International for the gift of the Earth. Not only for my family, but for all the thousands of lives I’ve been able to change as well.

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